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Explore Our Services and Solutions:
  • Structured Cabling Solutions: We offer structured cabling using UTP and Fiber with Diagrams and Proper labels and color codes.
  • Wi-Fi: We provide Site survey for Wi-Fi and help customer to implement a safe and secure Wi-Fi network.
  • Campus-wide Connectivity Solutions: We implement  Fiber, UTP and Wireless connectivity in Building to Building.
  • WAN Solutions: We help customers who have sites located in different cities, to plan and implement Wide area Networks.
  • Telephone Networking: We are well equipped to large scale Telephone Networking system, EPBX, IP Phones and Lease Line Networking.
  • Call Center Infrastructure Solutions: We provide full solutions for BPO sector i.e. Digital Phone as well as Analog Phones, Data Networking and Video Conferencing.
  • Video Conferencing: We help clients to select cost effective methods of communication by implementing Video Conferencing.
  • Public Address System: We provide Multi channel PA systems with centralized control unit.
  • Music and Paging System: We offer centralized and location wise background music playing systems. Paging system for better communications.
  • Leased Line & Internet Connectivity: We provide services to Customers, who needs dedicated lease line and VPN connectivity.
  • Access Control System: We can provide bio metric scanners, thumb readers and card readers based on the requirement of clients.
  • Network Management: We offer services for Centralized Network management as well as remote network management.
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